Golding & Co.

  Golding & Company manufactured platen printing presses. They were established in 1869 by William Hughson Golding (1845-1916) in the Fort Hill area of Boston, Massachusetts. 

Before 1895, Golding hired Henry Lewis Bullen to print its house organ, which increased sales of the Pearl. In 1906, Golding’s factories moved to Franklin, Massachusetts; showrooms remained in Boston. 

William Golding died in 1916 but his two sons continued the enterprise. In 1918, Golding was acquired by American Type Founders (ATF). The Pearl continued to be made and sold by the Golding Press Division of ATF. In 1927, Thomson National Company (manufacturers of Colt’s Armory Press) bought Golding from ATF. In 1936, the Craftsmen Machinery Company of Dedham, Massachusetts somehow acquired jigs/patterns for the 7×11 Improved Pearl, selling them as the CMC Jobber until 1955.

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Golding 1

Golding 2

Golding 3