Misc. Shop Equipment

Triumph_Paper_Cutter finalTRIUMPH PAPER CUTTER

This paper cutter will cut sheet up to 13 inches. It opens up to accept a stack about 1 1/2 inches thick. Safety is always a concern when operating any paper cutter. Manual cutters are generally safer to use than electric machines but, larger sizes only come in electric models. After the press, this is the most used piece of equipment in the shop/studio. Prices vary widely and replacement blades are expensive.

SPINNIT” PAPER DRILLSpinnit_Paper_Drill finalLassco_Corner_Rounder_Model_20 final Ajax_Eyelet_Fastener final

This works just like a regular drill press, except the paper “DRILLS” are hollow. The scrap from drilling the hole is pushed up thru the hollow drill and deposited into the rear of the machine. Not used that often but, it can add a nice touch to a project. I’ve seen books of poetry with a hole drilled in the upper left corner to accommodate a tassel.












Banding_Press final