Hand Operated Presses

Vandercook Proof Press 004 final




Vandercook Proof Press

This is my Vandercook #1 Proof Press. They have a very comprehensive web site for users of all the models of the Vandercook. See  http://vandercookpress.info/vanderblog/about/tips/ for history, maintenance, tips and a user’s forum. Click here Vandercook #1 Sales Sheet for a pdf of a Sales Sheet for the #1. Note that not all Number 1’s had grippers installed.

Showcard final

14×22 Showcard Sign Press

This Showcard press has a inking device built into the machine. The roller assembly is rolled over the ink disk and then over the form. It makes printing each sheet quicker.



Morgan_Mini-Press finalMorgan
The Morgan Mini-Press was designed  for use by retailers to print show-window display cards. The maximum size card on this press was 2 x 6 inches.