Foil Stamping

(Instructions, in pdf form, for the KwikPrint and several others are available under the MANUALS menu.)Kwikprint_Model_86 final

Kwikprint Model 86
This company is still in business and manufactures several models. Parts are also available. It was originally designed to imprint luggage. Consequently, it can print on thick items. It’s great for bookbinders. It uses regular height printers type and  can print pens and pencils. Somewhat expensive, all models do show up on eBay at times. The largest chase size (type area) is 2 x 9 inches. Has an excellent foil advance mechanism. The foil advance is not needed for imprinting single items and is sold as an accessory.  

Franklin_Foil_Imprinter finalFranklin Foil Imprinter
These units are no longer in
production, but available on
eBay for a reasonable price.
They were designed for imprinting  Match Books and Stationery. Today, they are widely used in  photographic studios for  imprinting the studio name on  prints. They came with and without thermostats and have a nice, trouble free, foil advance mechanism. Because it has a “clam shell” operation, it is not suitable for imprinting pens and pencils. This uses regular height, printers type.

Name-O-Gramer finalName-O-Gramer
By Roberts, Cushman
This is a foil imprinter also, but it can’t be classified as equipment found in a print shop. This is a hat  band imprinter. It was used to monogram the leather band on mens hats. Every Mens store  probably had one in the back room. The company was recently bought out by Tandy Leather Company. They no longer make this machine, but they still make hat bands. The letters are cast onto a large wheel and dialed by the knob on the left. To print, the handle on top is pulled forward. It has an interesting mechanism to advance the hat and band to the next position. A well built machine made obsolete by a change in mens fashion.